Best Longboard Trucks (Updated for 2017)

Best Longboard TrucksLongboard trucks are the the T-shaped mounts installed on the underside of skateboards and longboards. They bring together the wheels and board/deck and are responsible on how we can maneuver our boards. They are usually made of aluminum or steel. If you want to build yourself a complete longboard, you will definitely need two trucks.

Longboards and skateboards’ trucks have almost the same components and styles but they extremely differ in terms of size so these cannot be used interchangeably. Longboard trucks are basically wider (150mm to 180mm) to accommodate the width of the deck.

Best Longboard Trucks List

Here are the most chosen and best longboard trucks that we can recommend. All are selected because of their best features:

ImageModel NamePriceReviewsAvailability
Yocaher-Longboard-Trucks-ComboYocaher Longboard Trucks Combo$$5 stars
Bear-Grizzly-852-TrucksBear Grizzly 852 Trucks$$5 stars
Gullwing-Sidewinder-II-TrucksGullwing Sidewinder II Trucks$$$5 stars
Caliber-Trucks-II-50-degreeCaliber Trucks II 50 degree$$4.5 stars
Paris 180mm RKP Trucks$$$4.5 stars

Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Components

Here are the main components of longboard and skateboard trucks

  • Hanger – This is the shoulder or triangular piece of metal that holds the axles. It is also the largest part of the truck.
  • Axles – These hold the wheels and runs through the hanger.
  • Kingpin – A big bolt that is fitted inside the bushings. It holds the hanger in place.
  • Bushings – These are the soft urethane rings that are fitted around the kingpin. Because these are soft, it allows the hanger to pivot whenever the rider makes a turn.
  • Baseplate – This holds the hanger in place and keeps it more secured.

Your choice of trucks will depend on your mode of use. So if you are assembling a longboard and want to know more about the best longboard trucks, you better know your options.

Designs of Longboard Kingpins:

Traditional Kingpin (TKP) Trucks (Standard Kingpins)

Commonly seen on skateboards, you’ll know the traditional or standard trucks with their kingpins. Their kingpins are sitting on the inside of the trucks or positioned right on the center of the trucks. If you look at the two trucks on a board, the kingpins are facing each other.

Mostly seen on skateboards, they are now more common on longboards owned by riders who love to slide or carve. These are also more stable but put your deck lower. Experts, however, recommend that your deck should have a kicktail if you’ll be using these trucks for easy maneuverability.

Inverted Kingpins (Reversed Kingpin)

The kingpins of the RKP are on the opposite side of the axles (facing each other away) and sitting through the hangers. Taller than the traditional trucks, they are more stable because they accommodate well the width of the longboard’s deck.

Most longboards use the RKP because it helps the truck carve harder and you can get an excellent turning radius. By changing the angle of its baseplate, you can also adjust its turning and leaning capability. The RKP trucks are mainly chosen for downhilling, carving, cruising, freeriding and freestyling.

Width of the Truck

Depending on your riding style, you have many options for the width of the trucks. Available are from 150mm (6 inches) to 184mm (7 inches) width. These measurements actually refer to the hanger’s width which most manufacturers use. So basically, a 160mm (6.2 inches) wide hanger has about 9 inch long axle while a 184mm hanger has a 10 inch axle.

The rule of thumb here is to install or choose trucks that are a bit longer than your deck’s width. For example, if your deck is 9 inches wide, your ideal truck width would be with 10 inch long axles. So better consider the axle length than the hanger’s length when choosing the width of your trucks.

Bushing Durometer

Choosing the best longboard trucks is also a little tricky when it comes to bushings’ choice. Like the wheels, bushings also have durometer ratings to define their hardness. For example, the 78a is the softest while the 98a has the hardest range. The medium range durometer falls from 84a to 90a. Softer bushings are more responsive but less stable. The harder bushings have the opposite effect. Your choice of bushings should also depend on your weight range.

Below is a guide to give you an idea for the right bushing durometer as compared to your weight:

Less than 100 pounds body weight:

  • 78-80a
  • 100-125 lbs: 80-82a
  • 125-145 lbs: 82-87a
  • 145-175 lbs: 85-90a
  • 175-195 lbs: 87-93a
  • 195-220 lbs: 90-93a
  • 220 lbs and above: 90-97a

However, your choice of bushings has also an effect on your speed and board use. If your style is freeriding and downhilling, you may choose slightly harder bushings. If you want to use your board mainly for carving or cruising, softer bushings would be ideal. So depending on your style of use, this can somehow affect the weight guide above.

Bushing Shapes

Bushings are available in varieties of shapes though the common ones are the tall and short cones, barrels, stepped barrels or eliminators and the freeride cones. Every shape provides specific turn characteristics or the shapes can be integrated to get the unique style you want with your ride. Here are the specific advantages for each bushing shape:

  • Short and Tall Cone – Provides a wider range for the hanger to move to get that easy carving feel. Ideal for transportation and carving. But being tall, movements can be restricted. Short cones are more stable. Tall cones are most preferred for RKT while short cones are better off with SKTs.
  • Barrel – For increased stability and more aggressive freeride. Also for downhilling, carving and transportation. Usually paired with tall cones for stability and for more response.
  • Eliminator – Designed to be more restrictive to avoid wheelbite with SKP trucks but it can provide better stability with RKP trucks during downhilling. Commonly paired with barrel bushings and ideal with bushings with soft durometer.
  • Stepped Cone – These are a mixed between an eliminator and a cone. For increased stability and for allowing a wider range of movements from the hanger.

Kingpin Grade

Kingpins are actually bolts and designed to secure the truck and its components in place. Therefore, as a metal and a security bolt, it comes with a various metal grade that could identify with their tensile strength. Here are the common kingpin grades that skateboarders and longboarders should know.

Grade 2 – Made of low or medium carbon steel – Minimum tensile strength is 74,000 psi.

Grade 5 – Made of medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered – Min tensile strength is 60,000 psi.

Grade 8 – Made of medium carbon alloy and steel, quenched and tempered – Min tensile strength is 150,000 psi

Tensile strength is the maximum load in tension. It characterizes the strength of a material before it breaks or fractures.

Yocaher Longboard Trucks Combo

Yocaher Longboard Trucks Combo

This actually comes in set complete with wheels, bearings and trucks. The wheels are Q-Ball with dimensions 71mm x 51 mm with 78A softness. Trucks (2 pcs) are black polished Reverse Kingpin Heavy Duty made and with 6.9 inches hanger wide and axle length of 9.7 inches long.

Made of aluminum alloy, the Kingpin is Grade 8 while the bushing durometer is 90a. These truicks are more stable and wheels have also nice grips.

With regards to the bearings (8 pcs), these are Ritalin ABEC5 chrome and already pre-lubed with synthetic oil.

The hardware which includes the bolts and nuts are also heavy duty made with black coating. Two riser pads (2 pcs ¼ inch) are also included to prevent wheelbite.


  • Every piece is an ideal piece.
  • The soft bushings provides more comfortable ride.
  • The hardware are also solid.
  • Perfect for people who are assembling their own boards.
  • Wheels are neither soft nor hard.
  • The set is easy to set up.


  • Wheels are not designed for sliding.
  • Bearings included are not that fast.
  • Wheel size are not the ideal size for downhilling.
  • Screws are not long enough to get through the risers, board and trucks.
  • Grip peels off easily.
  • In some products, bearings come in pill container and some parents are getting concerned this can provoke drug use on their kids and therefore aren’t happy about it.


We totally assume that this popular and best selling longboard trucks combo is great in many aspects and therefore put its trucks among the best longboard trucks in the market that are heavy-duty class. Its truck is also long enough to be installed in any type of longboard. The wheels do have nice grips, hardware are solid and the soft bushings aer right for comfortable ride. With these features, we can say this set is perfect for those who love to cruise around and do the carves.

However, some parts also have the downsides especially the wheels and the bearings which are not for extreme use. The bearings container? This is not a welcome site for all parents to see and Yocaher should be wary about this thing. But then, more than half the number of the reviewers loves this combo so this would also pass our standards.

Bear Grizzly 852 Trucks

Bear Grizzly 852 Trucks

These trucks as they come in 2 pairs are what they call the “all-around truck” because these are literally flippable. This means that you can flip the baseplate in two degrees – 40 degree angle and 52 degrees.Once you flip it, there goes the difference in performance and use. If you want it fast and do the carves you can switch to

Once you flip it, there goes the difference in performance and use. If you want it fast and do the carves you can switch to 40 degree baseplate and it will remain stable and fast. However, the response can be low.

If you want to do the all-round longboarding style, do carvings and also the downhill dives, just flip the baseplate to switch it to 52 degrees. The lean will provide you better control and maneuverability.

The trucks are made of aluminum cast using unique casting formula for super strength durability. Hanger width is 181 mm (7.1 iches) and axle to axle is 228mm (9 inches).


  • The flappable feature of its hangers is unique which makes the truck versatile.
  • Tough super cast aluminum made.
  • Offers a lot of features with just flip of the baseplate.
  • Can fit anyone’s style of play.
  • Highly maneuverable and yet stable.
  • Best choice for upgrading your trucks.
  • Very affordable.


  • Axles may rust with constant moisture.


What we have found with the Bear Grizzly 852 are immense positive reviews and these points towards the versatility of these products. With their unique features (flippable), they are among the favorites by guys (adults and kids) who are looking for a variety of uses and performance with their longboards. The feedbacks we gathered for these products are absolutely incredible and though we have looked for negative comments about its performance and features, to give consumers fair advice, we only found one thing not nice and that the axles of these trucks do rust with a lot of moisture. In essence, these require proper maintenance and perhaps lubrication.

Here is a video that talk more about the “flippability of Bear Grizzly 852” and how you can maximize its performance.

Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks

Said to be the most recent version of the double kingpin carving truck, this truck has a dual pivot hanger with barrel cone shape. The bushings are 89a cone and barrel combo.This version of double pivot hanger has a smoother design with

This version of double pivot hanger has a smoother design with customized base plate. Riding it makes for a smooth ride like riding a surfboard or snowboard on pavements and therefore mostly chosen for carving and cruising.

This is basically the standard double kingpin truck with two pivot points to allow it to turn twice sharper and faster like a standard truck.

The two kingpins help the rider to put on more speed, allowing for freer movements and that maybe because these are a bit taller than single pivot point. The hanger width is 9 inches and axle to axle width is 10 inches.


  • For a smoother ride.
  • Nice choice for those who want to ride higher.
  • Ideal choice if you do lots of sharp turns.
  • Middle joint is removable to revert it back to single kingpin truck.
  • Solidly made.
  • Handsome finish with stable construction.
  • Provide more freedom for adjustability.
  • Good for carving and cruising.


  • With its double kingpin feature, this increase wheelbase by almost 4 inches and not good for tight turning or wheels can slide.
  • Putting on a riser, this would add more inches from the ground which makes the board unstable.


This Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks are ideal choice for longboarders who want the best for cruising and carving. Because they have two hangers and two pivot points you can ride high with them and glide smoothly on the road. Few people know that its middle joint is removable. By removing the top hanger, you revert back the truck into single kingpin truck and your deck goes lower and this will be nice for sliding and downhilling. Our conclusion is that, because this is a highly adjustable truck, it is also positively adjustable to anyone’s choice of ride.

Here’s a video where the expert talks about the Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks.

Caliber Trucks II 50 degree

Caliber Trucks II 50 degree

This is said to be one of the best longboard trucks that is perfect for stability even at high speed while optimizing your angle when making sharp carves.

The hanger is highly reversible/flippable but when it is flipped, it doesn’t scrape the side of the board. This is a reverse kingpin so the bushing seats are opposite one another but proportioned for best setup within the hanger.

The pivot of the baseplate is also well-grooved to avoid any part of the truck getting weakened. The bushings have medium durometer so these are neither hard nor very soft which makes an ideal feature to get the responsiveness you desire as you turn.

These trucks are optimized to get 50 degree carving. With 10-inch hanger, the kingpins are grade 8 steel and bushings are 90a durometer which denotes medium hardness.


  • Bushings sit snugly inside the hanger’s seats.
  • It’s designed for turning more than leaning.
  • Ideal choice for carving, cruising to medium speed freeriding.
  • Strong and durable built all over.
  • Has high rebound and responsiveness.
  • Reinforced baseplate.


  • Not the right trucks for extreme downhilling.
  • Bushing seat is shallow that can make the bushing pops out.


Look ordinary to us but these Caliber Trucks II also rocks. Again, they are much appreciated for their flippable feature which greatly influences the performance of the board while giving the rider the option to the style of ride the rider wants to do. With strong and durable built, these trucks which come in pairs can last long. Overall, they have high rebound responsiveness making them good choice for cruising, carving and freeriding at low speed. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend this for extreme downhilling as these were not totally tested yet for that aspect. But the good thing is, these trucks are worth your buy for your basic rides.

Paris 180mm RKP Trucks

Paris 180mm RKP Trucks

These trucks have virgin aluminum gravity molded baseplate and hanger. The baseplate angle is 50 degrees and it has 6-holes drilled on its baseplate that’s why it’s highly adjustable from soft turny to stiff and this is useful whenever you want more speed.

Its bushing is made of Divine 90a Urethane formula for high rebound and for more vibration absorption feature. Kingpins are grade 8 and from axle’s tip to tip it measures 10 inches while the hanger is 180mm or 7 inches long.

You can install these trucks even on drop through longboards. It is also guaranteed for life by Paris so if these get damaged, you’ll get an ultimate replacement and it comes complete.


  • Nice choice for freeriding and freestyling.
  • For smoother ride.
  • Well-polished.
  • Holes makes it adjustable based on rider’s choice of ride.
  • Available in many colors and color variations.
  • Has an open bushing seat to control your lean and turns


  • Not the right choice for downhilling.


These trucks can be your additional accessories if you want to change your old, traditional trucks for adjustable trucks once in a while. This is an upgrade from the well-liked Paris trucks and now has a stronger faced hangers, more durable pivot cups, improved kingpin clearance for a wider carve and it has a powder coated finish. This can also be your best longboard trucks in terms of versatility and you can do all riding styles with it. With baseplate angle of 50 degrees, this will provide you the right balance for your stability and maneuverability. Therefore, we want you to have these. Very affordable as well.


The best longboard trucks should not be expensive. However, even you buy the reasonably priced trucks these should not compromise their performance and the features you want with them. All of the trucks we have here are all winners, best-priced and of course they carry the quality or brands that professional longboarders recognize.

Some of these trucks are the new definition of their predecessors, meaning, they are the improved types from their original but popular brands. The new ones, on one hand, are also more innovative because of their versatilities and trendy special features.

Longboard trucks manufacturers are becoming more experimental with their designs. But inspite of the awareness that riders have today, we observe that they generally tend to patronize brands that originally gave them the excitement that they previously wanted from their trucks and longboards.

So here they are on our list. The best longboard trucks that have been tested, proven to be the best among the best of their kinds and really worth your buy. In essence, most of the trucks in this list are an update for last year’s (2016) thus they just keep getting better especially for 2017.

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