Best Longboard Brands to Watch Out For in 2017

Best Longboard BrandsLast year we have seen a lot of pretty amazing longboards on the market that were also the successors of the popular brands years ago.

And with their growing popularity, it is not so surprising that most of them remained to be hot until this day not because young people are continually loving them but every year more and more people wanted to try out the longboards and get the fun out of them.

Now, if you want to know the best longboard brands to watch out for in 2017, I have here the 8 best longboard brands that have never failed to preserve their reputation and instead became better in their designs, more innovative, more stylish and never fail expectations from their buyers.

What I am actually referring to are the top 8 brands: Sector 9, Atom, Yocaher, Quest, Loaded, Landyacthz, Earthwing and Santa Cruz.

So let me introduce a bit about the manufacturers who are making these best longboard brands and will show you one product for each that are on top list at Amazon as best sellers.

Best Longboard Brands for 2017

ImageModel NamePriceReviewsAvailability
Sector 9 Blue WaveSector 9 Blue Wave$$$5 stars
Atom Drop-Through LongboardAtom Drop-Through Longboard$$4.5 stars
Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained $4 stars
Quest Skateboards Super CruiserQuest Skateboards Super Cruiser$$4.5 stars
Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2$$$5 stars
Landyachtz Switch 40" LongboardLandyachtz Switch 40" Longboard$$$4.5 stars
Earthwing Floater 2016Earthwing Floater 2016$$4 stars
Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru CruzerSanta Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer$$4.5 stars

Sector 9

This company was established in 1993 by Dennis Telfer as a backyard project in Jolla, California. Together with his friends, they created boards when their one and only longboard was stolen. Pooling up their ideas over beers and billiards, they came up with concepts, built the best choices and when people started to notice their products, they named the house of Telfer Sector Nine which is derived from the nickname of one of Telfer’s friends.

Today, Sector nine has become one of the world’s largest producers and most popular manufacturers of longboards. It now manufactures the best decks and longboards made of bamboo, maple, fiberglass and carbon fiber longboards and sponsoring skaters’ organizations and competitions in the U.S.

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout dropthrough Complete Longboard Skateboard

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout dropthrough Complete Longboard SkateboardConsidered as one of the most appreciated longboards made by Sector 9, this drop through board has a 10 inch chargers (trucks) for best support and stability and equipped with 74 mm Sector 9 wheels with 78a durometer ratings which are best choice for smoother rides as they provide good grips on many types of ground surfaces.

The PDP bearings are also rated ABEC 5 which are mid-level range but excellent for cruising, carving and freestyling. For super durability and pliability, the deck is constructed with 5-ply laminated bamboo.

With width of 9.6 inches and length of 42 inches, this makes your ride secure and more freedom for your balancing and feet movements.


  • Best for beginners and advanced level riders.
  • Very rigid and perfect for cruising, cross-stepping, sliding, and rolling downhills.
  • Well-built.
  • Grip tape is clear you can see the actual laminated bamboo.
  • Classic and beautiful ocean wave graphic art.
  • Hardware and bearings are of best qualities.
  • The dimension of the board makes it easy for any user to have good balance and more secured movements during turning and carving.
  • Very flexible due to bamboo construction.
  • Good choice to have fun for downhilling.
  • Can last for years.


  • Wheels don’t last long.


Checking on the pros which are really a lot but with just one common issue which are the wheels, this longboard actually has a lot to give so inspite of its minor flaw, it is actually worth more than the bucks you’ll be paying for it. Even at this early part of the year, it has already earned the reputation of one of the best longboards for 2017 in terms of versatility, durability and reliability. So need we say more? You’ll love this board for sure.


Atom was established in 2005 by the company MBS. It is now known as a longboard manufacturing company that produces affordably priced boards of great quality. The materials it uses are also the same like the leading longboard producers in the world use thus Atom is now recognized as an excellent producer for best longboard brands in the entry-level, mid-level and professional grade longboards of quality materials and excellent designs. The company takes it design seriously based from its clients’ needs and cost capability so when it comes to buying reliable and durable longboards with value for your money, this is the brand you should always check.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Atom Drop-Through LongboardAs a drop-through board, this ensures you total stability and safety thus having this board enables you to practice your carving style and downhill drive. With full maple laminate, this makes a superb durable board and flexible.

Its trucks are 245 mm Reverse King Pin (RKP) which can support weights beyond its load limit capacity and bearings are ABEC 7 rated which are considered on the mid-level range.

The wheels are also 78a rated so these are practically soft they can absorb impact but will never bite the board during turning and carving.


  • Board makes for a comfortable ride and is stable and sturdy.
  • Very stable and perfect for cruising, strolling, commuting or roaming around campus.
  • The right board for beginners and advanced boarders to practice their skills.
  • Best for carving.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Easy on the budget.
  • Perfect for students to use.


  • Trucks can bend with tremendous and prolonged use.
  • Wheels tend to wobble with regular use.
  • Paint prone to scratches.


Among the Atom longboards, this gathered the most number of reviews. This means so many people have already bought it or tried using it. And about the reviews, generally speaking, these all speak good things about this product. The cons according to a trickle number of reviews are common. With trucks and wheels taking up the beating, these would normally wear out. Therefore with so many positive reviews, we take this product more seriously and we should say this is still a highly recommendable item at Amazon.


Yocaher started in 2001 as an online seller for multiple-level skateboards. But few years after the longboards have become the more sought after boards, the company has also ventured in manufacturing longboards. Based in Long Angeles, California, Yocaher now sells a wide variety of longboards and also skasteboards and mini cruisers to fit all kinds of riders’ needs. Aside from these, it also sells online all types of boards’ hardware including wheels. Most of their products are also very affordable and with great quality.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete LongboardAs the most reviewed Yocaher longboard at Amazon, we felt that this should also take the limelight with our topic. The manufacturer says this fit the professional longboarders’ choice.

With 9-ply maple for durability and flexibility, this item is equipped with HD7 heavy duty trucks that are 180 mm wide and made of aluminum alloy to ensure solid support for the deck. Wheels are Q-Ball 70×52 wide with 78a rating and are typically soft and bouncy.

The bearings, on the other hand are made of chrome with ABEC 7 ratings so these are supposed to be tough and reliable. Black grip tape on the top and it comes fully assembled.


  • Can hold up weight without strain up to 180 pounds.
  • Smooth ride with good balance thus it is excellent for cruising and getting around town.
  • Good choice for downhill use.
  • Very solid construction.
  • Very stable and also affordable.


  • Bearings may need to be changed to fit other users’ choice to enhance speed.
  • Label says it can carry 275 pounds but this is not always the case.


This longboard has come a long way before satisfying a lot of people. But nonetheless, we cannot avoid getting negative feedbacks about its quality particularly the hardware. Yet, good reviews are still coming in which makes us think that it still deserves to be presented as one of the best products Yocaher has produced as a lot of people are loving theirs. In other words, as its name says “professional”, it is enough to say that this can be your reliable mid-level longboard that is affordable.


Quest U.S. headquarters is at Canyon Rd, City of Industry, California. It is a well known American company that has a lot of branches today mostly in industrialized countries to cater to the demands of city youths with their interests in longboarding. Quests longboards are known for  its “do it all” potentials that’s why they are built with style, best quality materials, great graphics, and of course superb class of hardware. Its longboard products are popular tools for transportation, recreation and for thrill seeking events and they are highly regarded as among the top class in terms of high-end brand quality.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard SkateboardIf we are to find the most reviewed longboard at Amazon today, we are sure you’ll find this one on the top list. Let’s take a look of its features why it’s so popular.

As a cruiser, length is 44 inches and 9 inches wide thus providing more space for the feet to move around. Deck is made of multi-ply maple and artisan bamboo that makes it a formidable board in terms of utmost durability and flexibility. Its 7-inch aluminum Reverse Kingpin trucks are made of rugged aluminum mold that can hold up heavy loads without cracking.

Polyurethane wheels are 70 mm wide which absorbs shock and vibration. Bearings are rated ABEC 5 which is the standard rate.


  • Best for cruising, carving and commuting.
  • Perfect as a beginner’s board.
  • Beautifully designed and printed with simple and clean graphics.
  • The kicktail provides additional maneuverability.
  • Can handle freestyling.
  • Tough, it can last for years.
  • Great bargain with its special features.


  • A bit heavy (7.5 pounds) than ordinary board of its size.
  • Not too flexible.


As a beginner’s board, we can say this is a highly recommendable longboard. For the intermediate boarder, this should train them the tricks they want to enhance. Its hardware are highly reliable and the deck itself, although a bit stiffer, is surely made to be tough it won’t break easily. For its price, this is already a bargain and again, this is one of the most popular longboards today with so much to offer.

If you want to know what you can do with this longboard, check out this video.


Loaded Longboard company was established in the USA during the 90’s. Since 2000, the company has upgraded its technology to innovate longboards by using premium materials that are practically unbreakable like fiberglass and bamboo. The company wanted to achieve the best of flexibility with their longboards so that no other longboard manufacturers can match their products.

From the very flexible boards to the super-stiff boards for downhill use, Loaded has produced a variety of longboard models to cater to all types of riders’ needs. Definitely, this is also one of the best longboard brands to watch out for 2017.

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard W/ Paris Trucks

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard W/ Paris TrucksTan Tien name is derived from Chinese term which means the “energy center of man” as it denotes the rider to be more balance with this product.

This measures 39 inches long and 27 inches wide, trucks is 180mm Black Paris and wheels are tough Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm with rating of 80a. Bearings are Bones Reds and these are more preferred by professional skateboarders and longboarders.

This video will show you how a real Tan Tien looks like.


  • Best for carving downhill.
  • Extremely responsive with the rider’s movements.
  • Deck is beautifully crafted and the art is fantastic.
  • Lightweight
  • Nice for sliding once you master its balance.
  • Ideal size for all types of longboarders.


  • Costlier as compared to the standard but popular brands.
  • Very sensitive to use for beginners.


Although this longboard brand is more expensive than other popular brands, it is actually reasonably priced. Longboards that can withstand to constant downhilling can seldomly be found even at Amazon so the good thing we want with this brand is its potentials which other brands cannot accommodate. So for this, we give the thumbs up.


This company in Vancouver is world renown for designing and producing many types of boards that are basically world-class. With 18 years of existence, Landyachtz was started by Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand only in the basement of a ski club. In 2016, the company has 60 employees and have extended its branch to LA county while it has also opened retail stores in the Strathona which is also in Vancouver.

Landyacthz’ boards are considered high-end boards which explain why most of them costs more than the average boards you can order online.  Most of their designing team members are actual skaters and longboarders that’s why the designs of this brand are awesome and loaded. Some of their ideas that came to reality are the cruisers, mini-cruisers, downhill/freeride longboards and hybrid boards.

If you want to see how landyacthz perform in any types of terrain especially on downhilling steep highways, here is a video to show you the real deal.

Landyachtz Switch 40″ Longboard Complete Skateboard

Landyachtz Switch 40" Longboard Complete SkateboardThis top mount longboard’s length is standard 40-inch long and with a width of 9.65 inches. It also has a wheelbase of 32 inches. Construction is of 9-ply maple to ensure toughness. Deck profile is drop down style while the deck is symmetrical in shape and also features cutouts, deep concave and W-concave design.

Trucks are Bear 852 and wheels are Hawgs 70mm Mini-Monsters brand. Bearings are tough Space Balls with ABEC 7 ratings. Riding design style, this is really made for rough riding like downhilling and freeriding. Only weighs 9 pounds.


  • With 9-ply maple construction, its deck is extremely rigid but durable.
  • With additional W-concave design, this enables your feet to sit firmly on the deck.
  • The 1.8” drop in the platform allows your feet to get closer to the ground.
  • With its design, sitting lower near the ground creates lower pull of gravity thus enforces your foot to do an easy push to move forward.
  • Its symmetrical shape helps riders to easily switch directions.
  • Perfect for carving and commuting.
  • Nice, interesting graphic arts.
  • Very stable and well-balanced.
  • Can carry up to 280 pounds.


  • Perfect only for taller riders as their height provides better stability at higher speed.
  • Wheels were not designed for sliding.


As a Canadian-made longboard that is so dependable, durable and almost perfect in every aspect, who would not want a board like this? This is actually what professional longboarders are looking for and their expectations won’t fail with this one. Although this is an expensive product, it deserves respect because it has the qualities of a high quality board that aficionados may not mind buying.


Earthwing Skateboards started during the mid-90’s and the idea in putting up this company began when Brian Petrie who was really into skateboarding started to shape broken snowboards into decks. With the boards’ ability to carve and sprint plus their qualities to dissipate vibrations, this encouraged Petrie to innovate.

In 1998, the first Earthwing skateboard was made and that started it all. In 2003, Earthwing has produced the first Kevlar/carbon/birch Supercharger prototype and with the company’s booming industry, longboard decks have been included in the company’s production and are now gathering followers from all over the world.

Earthwing Floater 2016 Drop Thru Carbon Complete Longboard

Earthwing Floater 2016 Drop Thru Carbon Complete LongboardUnlike with most of Earthwing’s products which are conventionally decks only, this product comes complete. Measures 36 inches, it is equipped with black 180mm trucks that are of heavy duty class.

Wheels are white 70mm and classified 80a ratings. Bearings are ABEC 5 rated which are standard class and deck is grassed up with Jessup grip tape.This comes fully assembled and ready to go.

This comes fully assembled and ready to go.


  • Can handle downhill rides with precision.
  • Long enough to ride by intermediate riders.
  • Graphic art is simple and classic.
  • Perfect for cruising, carving and commuting.
  • Best for downhilling.
  • Made to be tough.
  • Made in USA.


  • Wheels are rather thin for beginners to practice.
  • Pretty stiff.


There are not so many information we can gather about this product including Earthwing’s decks and this could be that the company is just new in producing longboards although it has a good reputation in creating skateboards that are of world class quality. But then, since it’s from Earthwing and purely made in USA, we should say this product can eventually prove to us it deserves admiration.

To show you an Earthwing longboard, here’s a video on how an Earthwing Supermodel hybrid perform.

Santa Cruz

This longboard company was founded in 1973 as a skateboard manufacturing company. With their wide arrays of quality made skateboards, the company has been able to accommodate and sponsored competitions and professional skateboarders in their quest to make the products more popular. Today, the company is also introducing longboards in the market and these are reaping good reviews as expected.

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck CompleteThis drop down Lion God Santa Cruz longboard is now gaining popularity not only because of its beautifully printed Lion art but also with its features. With a 9-ply maple construction, this should be tough and stable. With a length of 40 inches and 10 inches wide, that should your support your feet securely on board.

Trucks are Road Rider 180 which are actually durable and tough quality-made and wheels are OJ Thunder Juice 75mm and 78a rated. Bearings are unique Stan Cruz made so these should hold up toughly.


  • Best for beginners.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Stable on any kinds of pavement.
  • Perfect for carving.


  • Deck is not very pliable.
  • Grip tape can easily peel off.


As a starter board, this is not a bad longboard at all. Because so many people are loving it, especially the beginners as it gives a smooth ride with no risk of flying out from the floor, they want it this way. Nonetheless, few riders are not satisfied with its durability may be because they have used this intensively and tremendously and put it to hard test which in our opinion it should not. So the end of it all, it still highly recommended for people who are starting to love the longboards and getting enjoyment from it.


In terms of the best longboard brands to watch out for in 2017, there will be a lot of competitions out there for sure. But we are sure that the brands we have mentioned here will be on the list of the top-notched. This is because the companies who made these brands have the experience, the right manpower and technology to adapt to the consumers’ demands especially the young generations and give it to them just the way they wanted them.


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