Best Longboard Bearings for a Better Cruising Experience (Updated for 2017)

Best Longboard BearingsLongboard bearings are generally made of small steel balls or ceramics that are set inside a ring on a circular track. The ring of bearings are held at the inner hub of the wheel and fixed through the axel of a skateboard or a longboard’s truck.

With external force, the wheels spin thus moving the board. Because skateboards and longboards have the same size with their inner cores, their bearings are also of the same standard size although can differ in their qualities.

Bearings even though are very small provides the greatest effect on your board’s speed, maneuverability and precision. That’s why when deciding to buy the best longboard bearings, you must know a lot about them first. And this is why we have this topic.

Here are the main parts of longboard/skateboard bearings.

Now, for the criteria on how to choose the best longboard bearings, these are the things you should be aware of.

Best Longboard Bearings for 2017

ImageModel NamePriceReviewsAvailability
Bones-Bearings-Reds-BearingsBones Bearings Reds Bearings
$5 stars
Bones-Bearings-Super-Reds-BearingsBones Bearings Super Reds Bearings$$4.5 stars
Bones-Super-Swiss-6-Competition-Skate-BearingsBones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearing$4.5 stars
Bones-Swiss-Ceramics-BearingsBones Swiss Ceramics Bearings$$$
Bones-Swiss-608-Original-Ball-Bearings-x8-608mmBones Swiss 608 Original Ball Bearings x8 608mm$4.5 stars
Bones-Ceramic-Reds-BearingsBones Ceramic Reds Bearings$$

Longboard/Skateboard Bearing Materials

Bearings are available in steel and ceramics. So which one would you choose? Here is how to know them better since a lot of people are debating about which of these are the better choices.


Ceramic bearings don’t get overheated which means even at high speed, it can dissipate the heat that builds up inside the ring thus allowing the wheels to spin freely. Second, they produce less friction giving the riders a smoother ride. Third, most ceramic bearings last longer than steel bearings and this could be because ceramics bearings are less affected by friction and heat. However, they are costlier than the steel bearings.

Steel Bearings

Steel bearings are actually the most common types of board bearings.  They are cheaper and readily available. Once you want to change them, you can easily dispense them for new ones. You can also buy them from any hardware or any sport accessory stores. The only issue they have is once they get overheated, they can expand, become fragile and may break. Yet in most cases, steel bearings can roll faster than the ceramics.

Most experts say ceramic bearings are the best choice if your kind of board play is extreme (downhilling, sliding, freeriding). But some pros also argue that steel bearings with good brands can perform better as well. So basically, any good quality bearings could generally satisfy longboarders and skateboarders’ needs.

For you to see the actual difference between ceramics and steel bearings’ performance, this video will show you.

ABEC Rating

ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) is the tolerance measurement of bearings In terms of their precision, hardness, efficiency and speed. It can simply tell us about the quality of bearings with regards to its performance. The ABEC ratings of bearings we use today are 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The closer the rating gets to 9, the less friction with the bearings so the faster you can go with your board.

Here are the ABEC ratings in relation to the bearings’ quality and performance

  • ABEC 1 – Cheapest but least precise and most crude. Cheapest.
  • ABEC 3 – Cheap but don’t roll too precised. Cheap.
  • ABEC 5 – Standard rating. Gives the wheels the fair amount of speed. Affordable.
  • ABEC 7 – Good quality bearings that makes for faster and smoother ride. Bit expensive.
  • ABEC 9 – Best quality bearings. For fastest and smoothest ride. Can handle extreme condition or any play. Expensive.

The ABEC rating can help buyers know the kinds of bearings they see on the market. This is their gauge to know how the bearings will perform. However, not all bearing manufacturers agree about the ABEC rating system.

Bones bearings for example, is a refutable bearings company that has its own rating system with their bearings called Skate Rated. This system, according to the company gives more precise description to skateboards and longboards’ bearings’ quality rather than the ABEC which was established by the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) more than three decades ago to serve as an aid for bearing manufacturers and users in the production and usage of bearings according to their general applications including for industrial use.

So as a whole, the ABEC rating system is not only applicable to skateboards’ bearings but for all the machines and equipment that use bearings.

The Skate Rated system according to Bones exactly defines bearings only for skateboards and longboards’ use that’s why these are more defined and more precise in their bearings descriptions in terms of quality, performance, clearances and precision. So if you will buy Bones bearings, better check its identification on their Skate Rated scale.

Bearing Spacers

Every longboard wheel has two bearings and a spacer to keep the bearing rings apart. Spacers also keep the rings in place thus allowing the bearings to spin freely. Imagine two rings of bearings tightly packed together without a spacer and spinning at fast speed, the result would be fatal for the bearings.

Spacers, although are not literally parts of the bearings, they are significant in reducing stress and in keeping out friction among the bearings. So if you’ll be considering using only the best quality bearings check the quality of the spacers as well that are included in the set.

Bearing Lubrication

Most longboarders don’t lubricate their longboard wheel bearings which is a mistake. Lubricants or bearing oil can help reduce stress on bearings and aid in keeping out heat. So in order for your bearings to perform well, you need to use quality racing lubricants only. Especially if your bearings belong the top class, bearing lubricants can maintain their qualities which eventually results in faster, smoother and better performing longboards.

You want to know how to change/install new bearings on your longboard’s wheels? Here’s the video to show you clearly. The kid did a good job, really.

We now have the list of the best longboard bearings that you can easily order from Amazon. These are the best rated, proven to be among the top quality bearings and generally recommended by longboard enthusiasts.

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones-Bearings-Reds-Bearings0These bearings actually carry the most popular brand in the US today and therefore among the bestsellers even for kids who skate. They are single, non-contact bearings made of super finished chromium steel balls.

The bearings are already pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant so you can readily use them. But for quick cleaning and lubrication, the rings are also capped with removable rubber shield. For more secured placement on the bearings, these are capped with high speed nylon ball retainer to enhance speed and for durability factor.

These are Skate Rated so it passed the Bones’ clearances, materials, tolerances and lubricant standards.  Set includes eight bearings, sticker logo and installation instructions.


  • Better choice for high speed performance.
  • Made of chromium steel for long lasting contruction.
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream for high speed performance and less friction.
  • Capped with non-contact removable rubber shield so you can clean the bearings once they accumulate dirt.
  • Passed the Bones Skate Rated quality and design.
  • Very affordable.
  • Perfect replacement for Bones Swiss (Switzerland).


  • Rubber seal may easily get the beat with constant cleaning.
  • Without proper lubrication and cleaning after a lot of use, the ball bearings can get stuck.


These bearings won’t be among the bestselling products if these won’t be meeting people’s expectations and passing quality standards with ease. With durable steel bearings, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning, better performance than ABEC rated products and with lifetime warranty against defects, these belong to the people’s best choices among Bones bearings.

We have read a few negative reviews as well, such as rubber caps popping out, bearings getting stuck, and other issues but we presume that this can be caused by not properly maintaining the bearings itself. So as a conclusion, we still think these products still deserve the prestige.

Bones Bearings Super Reds Bearings

Bones-Bearings-Super-Reds-Bearings1The word “super” on this brand can tell us a bit about these bearings. Using precision-grade Swiss design, these bearings are capped with nylon ball retainers and lubed exactly with Bones Speed Cream for smoother and faster ride.

Just like any bone bearing products, these have removable rubber shields for quick cleaning purposes. Set includes 8 better grade bearings with super surface finish and 4 spacers.

Races are made of high quality steel that support the bearings to the core. These bearings carry lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects.


  • Complete package: 8 bearings + 4 spacers.
  • Better graded steel balls.
  • Fast like the REDS bearings.
  • Gives quiet and smoother ride.
  • Longer lasting if maintained well.
  • Professionals’ choice.
  • Best replacements for Bones Swiss.


  • Without proper lubrication, the steel bearings won’t last.
  • Needs constant cleaning/maintenance.


A lot of good things have been said about these bearings as these are pretty comparable with REDS. Fast, smooth, quiet and better graded, these are the good qualities you would expect from a popular brand.

However, reading too many reviews, we have discovered that a lot of consumers are not very satisfied with the bearings’ overall performance although most of these reviewers suspect that they have bought imitations or the product just doesn’t comply with their mode of use. So overall, we can still recommend this product. Yet, with a lot of negative reviews, as a consumer, you must be aware of imitations when buying this product.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearing
Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

Made By Bones Switzerland, this Bones bearings are the real deal. The Super Swiss 6 are the professionals’s choice because they are definitely durable, put on better speed, gives faster acceleration and totally long lasting.

These are also single, non-contact bearings with removable rubber shield so you can clean them easily once they got messed up with road dirt.

Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream, bearings are also capped with high-speed nylon ball retainer thus providing strength to the overall construction of the bearings and prevent friction and heat build-up among the bearings.

Skate Rated for tolerances, clearances and quality materials to ensure efficiency and precision, it also has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Totally the bearings with the highest quality from the original manufacturer, Bones Switzerland.
  • Will keep your ride smooth, fast, quiet and more stable.
  • Won’t break easily even with hard use of the board.
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream you can install them right away.
  • Rubber shield is easy to remove and install for quick cleaning and lubrication.
  • You get the value for your money.
  • Comes with 4 spacers.
  • Best choice for extreme boarding like downhilling.
  • Lifetime warranty against factory defects.


  • Gets dirtied easily if used on muddy and dusty road.
  • Not ideal for inline skaters as one reviewer said.


The nice things about these bearings is that they really bring up the original qualities out of Bones products, are more durable, designed for higher speed and can quickly switch to faster acceleration during hard play. The bearings are precision-grade that’s why these last longer. For longboard competitors, they should have these because these are highly recommended by longboard pros themselves.

Kids and adults like these bearings because of their reliability and efficiency. They excellently perform anytime and though they may get the dirt from time to time and need to be maintained regularly, they will last fairly well. Truly Skate Rated that’s why these will worth your purchase.

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics BearingsThese superb quality ceramics bearings are the best in the class of ceramics bearings. You order a set and comes 8 premium skateboard wheel bearings, four spacers, instructions and a sticker. The bearings are made of Cerbec ceramic balls which are very hard, super strong but very light they will really last for many good years.

These are precision-grade designed with nylon ball retainers and pre-lubricated with Bones Speed Cream for smooth, fast and quiet ride. People who experience using these ceramics admit that these are better than any ABEC rated bearings.

They accelerate and roll faster, and do resist dirt and moisture. Also Skated Rated, these are the best performing bearings in any kinds of board play. Even with extreme use it will retain its quality features.


  • Fastest and most durable ceramic bearings in today’s market.
  • Very light, super durable, accelerate faster, roll father, very quiet and can last for years even with extreme abuse.
  • Skate Rated
  • Brings with it the company’s brand reputation which spells excellent quality.
  • Pre-lubricated with Bones’ Speed Cream.
  • Easy to clean and lubricate.
  • With non-contact removable rubber shield.
  • Lifetime warranty against factory defects.


  • Hard to break-in.
  • The race or ring that holds up the bearings may dent if used with extreme abuse.
  • So many imitations are coming out lately which ultimately damages the reputation of the brand. Awareness is a must when buying.
  • Expensive.


If we’ll be talking about the best longboard bearings out there be it ABEC or Skated Rated, we assume these are the best among the best. First, these are ceramics made, which means they are really durable, solidly hard and don’t overheat. Second, these are made by Bones Swiss which also translates to originality and super-quality made.

Third, with so many positive reviews that these bearings earned, this product is really hard to put aside because these will definitely be the best longboard bearings you don’t want to miss. Hard to break-in? Well, this could happen because these bearings are absolutely hard and undeterred by any force. But once you make them roll, their quality features will come out. Really worth the commendation.

We have found a video that will show you how these Bones Swiss ceramics bearings fare against bearings with ABEC 7 rating. From here, you’ll see great differences especially in their spinning capacity.

Bones Swiss 608 Original Ball Bearings x8 608mm

Bones Swiss 608 Original Ball BearingsThese Swiss-made Bones bearings are made of chromium steel using precision-grade Swiss design. Capped with nylon ball retainers, these are pre-lubricated with Bones Speed Cream for faster, smoother and non-stoppable ride.

Among the original Bones bearings made of steel, this brand is one of the best. Absolutely Skate Rated for full, blazing performance, it is better than ABEC rated bearings that are made of steel. It also has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

These are the hardcore bearings that extreme longboarders prefer when it comes to choosing affordable metal bearings. Set comes with four spacers, eight bearings and Bones stickers.


  • Pre-lubricated for ready installation.
  • With removable shields for quick and easy cleaning and lubrication.
  • Will fit on all skateboard and longboard wheels.
  • Real chromium steel bearings.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Made in Switzerland (buyers, be aware of imitations).


  • Not as fast as the Bones Swiss ceramics.
  • So many sellers selling counterfeits.


These bearings are also the real deal with regards to obtaining the best performance out of metal bearings and this is not a surprise since these are manufactured by Bones Swiss. The bearings are great in many aspects which make them popular among skaters and longboarders for their extreme performance.

If you are a cruiser, downhiller, glider, slider, carver or anywhere you want to be, these bearings could take your style and play. However, because these bearings are world-class, so many counterfeits are coming out lately and disappointing people. Fortunately, most buyers today recognize fakes from the real ones. So if you’ll be buying these for your convenience, check the seller’s reputation first as well as the packaging and the product before using them. In essence though, we give these products our thumbs up.

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

Bones Ceramic Reds BearingsThese bearings are also made of Cerbec ceramics and are very light, waterproof, durable, heat resistant and super hard. These are all indicators that these bearings can last for years even with extreme use.

Equally fantastic like the Bones Swiss ceramics bearings, these have single non-contact removable rubbers which is good feature when cleaning or lubricating the ceramic balls.

 The retainers are also made of high speed nylon for excellent bearings support and durability. Pre-lubricated with speed cream racing lube, these bearings also have lifetime warranties against manufacturing defects.


  • Very light, durable and very precise.
  • Pre-lubed with cream racing lubricant.
  • Very smooth ride and quiet.
  • Require very little cleaning maintenance.
  • Best for inline skateboarding and for longboarding.
  • Don’t get overheated.
  • Produce smooth slick roll.


  • Need to be lubricated occasionally.
  • Not as tough as the Bones Swiss.


The overall performance of these bearings is truly great so people really like them. On the features side, the bearings have it all – durable, smooth ride, quiet run, and total package, actually. Because these are ceramics and made by Bones, we really expect the best things about these bearings and we are right. All reviews point to one big thing, this deserves the respect and therefore we considered this a must buy.

However, we have found one negative review at Amazon and we suspect that he got an imitation product instead. So as a piece of advice when you buy this brand, check the packaging and the product intensively and if you see that there are defects or the whole thing seemed to be fake call the customer service ASAP and ask for replacement.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Longboard Bearings?

Maybe you have noticed that what we only presented here are generally Bones bearings products. Actually, we have searched the web for the best rated and generally recommended board bearing products but our search always point to the Bones bearings.

So we assumed that this brand has truly cemented itself in producing only the best bearings in the world as it has cemented its way as the most reliable bearing products in terms of skateboards and longboards’ use.

What we can recommend to you now is to try the Bones bearings if you haven’t tried them yet or if you want to change your bearings into more efficient and more précised bearings that would really put them to good and exciting use. Bones have been in the business of producing skateboard accessories for 25 years and these are some of their excellent products.

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